One 2 One

What we consider not only a unique offer but it is also free of charge!

As I'm sure many reading are aware the company started 2 years back and could only be bought through the Enfettered site, if honest we had expected to just continue that, however the product has in reputation and so in sales grown much quicker than we anticipated and so now we feel it warrants it's own site.

As a unique service and as far as we are aware not offered by any other vacuum milker company we are able to offer an in person tuition service once you have bought a milker from us here or through the Enfettered site. We have a room dedicated to GenerationF where you can view the various additions we sell to the basic kit.

Your Tutor is the founder of GenerationF and comes with 15/16 years experience of vacuum milking, not only of her own brand but also the various other brands on the market, a passionate believer in her own system we feel sure she'll be able to teach you well and show you much that is difficult to explain in a standard instruction manual.

We are Milton Keynes based so easiest to be visited by UK buyers but the offer is free and open to anyone who buys their milker from us.

For Those Outside The UK

We have Zoom, or iPhone FaceTime or WhatsApp, and over and above that if it helps we are more than happy to download any platform that will get you talking to us.