The Electro-Stim Micro312 Electro Box – We believe this to be the best box on the market brought up to 2023 standards! A completely different and massively improved Power Unit.

So whats changed I hear you ask……Quite a lot, nearly all components are now SMD instead of through-hole, the battery is a single rechargeable lithium cell, the battery charging circuit has been changed to suit the new battery, the run time on the new battery is equal to the old original so super long, charging is done via a standard USB-C input instead of a dedicated wall adapter, you can if you choose use a wall adapter. Internal 5V and 9V supplies were changed from Dropout regulators to more efficient switch mode boost convertors. A master output control knob was added to provide a way to adjust both channels simultaneously, an option to add BlueTooth audio input whilst retaining the wired audio and mic inputs, there are now no separate physical switches for the push buttons, the 4 user interface buttons are instead integrated into a custom made front panel with membrane switches.

What’s New

– Fully compatible with the well known ET-312B

– Built-in rechargeable battery with long runtime
– USB-C input for universal charging, any USB power source with a rating over 1000mA can be used

– 18 built-in routines, including 3 audio modes
– Stereo audio input via aux cable (standard) or Bluetooth audio (requires Bluetooth option)
– Microphone input enables stimulation based on ambient sounds or voice

– 3 user-selectable power ranges (low, normal, high)
– Master intensity control knob to adjust the power level on both channels simultaneously
– Individual inensity control knobs to allow fine-tuning of each channel separately

– LCD display with user-adjustable brightness and contrast for optimal viewing in any lighting situation
– Built-in advanced menus to fine-tune stimulation parameters

– 2 fully isolated outputs, tri-phase compatible

– Connect wirelessly to PC (requires Bluetooth option) or via USB-serial data cable (sold separately)
– Link two Micro312 units together using the link cable (sold separately)

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