The Churn Parlour Kit

Generation F –  The Churn Parlour Kit CHROMED – comes in 5L or 10L size. This is exactly the same system and kit as the original, the only difference is the Valves on the lid of the churn which are all Chromed fittings as well as the pump lines, these also have chromed ends, otherwise same system just BLINGED! many of you have remarked on the quality of the already existing chromed fittings that we use here at Generation F, so we thought we’d give you the chance to go all out on the Silver wear!!

Generation F Male and Female Milking Surge and Rhythm System. A system that works with a little Surge and a lot of Rhythm! Superb Functionality, System Configurations and Colour Options.

The system could be described as a vacuum system, but we feel its so much more, Pump Lines connected to the Surge Pods create the pull of a milking feeling, whilst the Rhythm lines that run from the Pulsator create the squeeze and rhythm, working together to create the ultimate in vacuum fuelled stimulation.

The iconic Churn Shape of the Milker, is topped with a modern and funky clear acrylic lid. Chromed connectors are superb in quality and aesthetically extremely pleasing, the transparent coloured pulsator runs a duel 60/40 ratio of exquisite rhythm, stainless barbs supporting colour matched pure silicone and quick release connectors. 

The Pump Lines enabling an almost plug and play quick set up and attachment, suspended with a colour coded Tube Capture Mark. Lube the Tube, a little surge to draw enticingly inside, then turn the long handled flow valve slowly like a tease to release the swirl of Rhythm. 

Rhythm speed can be effected by using the Pulsator tuner, Rhythm intensity can be effected using the long handled flow valves nestled in the Pump Lines. Simple, effective and immersive … Expertise in play.

Each system comes with membership to the GenHub – a portal of instructional videos, hints and tips!

The Parlour Kit comes with The Churn, your choice of Vacuum pump, One Petz, Set of Pump Lines and Tube Capture Mark,  and Vacuum Line

Picture shows The Churn Parlour Kit in Orange

Lead Time of 2 to 4 weeks 

Please Note: Tubes are NOT returnable due to the personal nature of them and therefore hygiene reasons

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