Generation F 2 Phase Surge & SINGLE Rhythm Male Milking Tube

Generation F 2 Phase Surge & SINGLE Rhythm Male Milking Tube

40mm Internal Diameter 2 Phase Surge & Single Rhythm Male Milking Tube. Cast and Annealed Acrylic tube. The lower phase nested inside the upper, and lined with silicone vacuum sleeving working in harmony with the Rhythm of the pump lines. To the side of the lower phase a Chromed valved Rhythm ports. The exhaust system is high grade stainless steel tube and comes with a tempered reduction extruded spigot. Lower phase length is 17cm.

Why Choose this one…This tube incorporates Surge and Rhythm. The top Rhythm would draw up, whilst the side Rhythm port working with the Silicone liner producing an exquisite swirl and squeeze to the lower phase. Top Rhythm can be used on its own, creating the feel of our OnePhase. For those with a sensitive or tight foreskin the length of the lower phase adds some real comfort rather than the shorter phases that expose the head to Surge and Rhythm at the top. Also the shorter top phase of the tube means the vacuum tug will be closer to the penis head. A real go to PetZ!

This tube incorporates Surge and Rhythm

Please Note: Tubes are NOT returnable due to the personal nature of them and therefore hygiene reasons

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