Generation F Pump Lines

Generation F Pump Lines

The Pump Lines are made up of 2 lines, one Surge and one Rhythm – both are 3m long.

In the Surge line is a colour coded diopter and flow valve, leading through to a Stainless Steel Engraved support collar and Chromed barb valve that plugs into the top of the Petz Chromed connector.

The Rhythm line splices the Surge line with a stainless elbow joint and slender long armed pet cock valve to control the level of Rhythm.

The lines can both be the same colour or a complimenting choice.

Comes with our effective Tube Capture Mark, supporting the lines and keeping them perfectly inline and font facing.

The rear of the Tube Capture Mark houses the Petz support elastic, adjustable and working off a stainless steel pulley and simple S hook, making the mount and dismount of the Petz simple and easy.

These pump lines incorporate Surge and Rhythm

Lead Time of 2 to 4 weeks when out of stock

Please Note: Tubes and Pump Lines are NOT returnable due to the personal nature of them and therefore hygiene reasons

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