About Us

A little about us at GenerationF

Generation F is part of the luxury fetish brand Enfettered. Exquisite products, all made in House, covering Playroom, Studio and Dungeon environments

Having worked within the Fetish Industry for the best part of three decades, time has seen much change within the online retail BDSM shopping experience. Almost such a gradual transition,  that no one really noticed the innovative quality creations made by the Artisans of the world slipping from the pages of the internet. Sheer beauty and quality of the tools the industry indulges in were being lost. 

Apple’s mantra has always been a good one –  “we may not always be the first but we do always strive to be the best” – one we believe in and like to live up to here at Enfettered.  To bring back the luxury and immersion into the products we all so adore.

Our passion still burns as bright as ever, even after such a long period of time working within the industry, this halo of enthusiasm and love of what we do has enabled us to work with ingenious designers and creators of unique equipment, into the collaborative mix our vast experience from professional life means a constant innovative journey to provide as we say “the best of the best” in bespoke equipment and tools, a complete outfitter to the BDSM connoisseur. 

Sara & Anthony