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Generation F 

Vacuum Fuelled Rhythm and Surge System

Shakespeare's famous quote 'All the World's a Stage' is apt when we think of the many arena's and stages where we live out the exquisiteness that the fetish world has in its arsenal.

Generation F is part of the luxury fetish brand Enfettered. Exquisite products, all made in House, covering Playroom, Studio and Dungeon environments - to us 'The Stage of our World'

Generation F is a Rhythm and Surge System, fuelled by Vacuum. Superb functionality, System configurations and Colour Options. 

Outstanding attention to detail, pure colour coded silicone, chromed connectors, milled aluminium and annealed cast acrylic tubing, creative and effective attachments that deliver the very highest levels of stimulation.

Simple, Effective and Immersive ... Expertise in Play

The system could be described as a vacuum system, but we feel it its so much more ...Pump lines connected to the Surge Pods create the pull of a milking feeling, whilst the Rhythm lines that run from the pulsator create the squeeze and rhythm, working together to create the ultimate in vacuum stimulation.

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